Twice Upon A String

Upcycled Instrument String Jewelry

I am excited to introduce you to Twice Upon a String upcycled instrument string jewelry. After creating the music we love, instrument strings typically end up in a landfill. Earth911 reports that 1.5 million pounds of used instrument strings end up in landfills in the U.S. every year. These unique pieces are an environmental way to reuse and a beautiful connection to the music.

20% funds music & art therapy programs for non-profit organizations. Donations have benefited The McLean County Autism Society, St. Jude, The Baby Fold, Cunningham Children’s Home, Catalyst Farms residential home for women, and Bluegrass Ambassadors. Please check out Donation Stories┬áto hear more about how these donations make an impact and my About┬áPage to hear how Twice Upon a String got started.

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